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DNA Playground

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The DNA Playground™ is a new kind of lab equipment that is specially designed for those just learning about biotechnology, molecular biology, and genetic engineering (a.k.a synthetic biology). The DNA Playground enables fun and engaging genetic engineering experiments and includes a “cold station”, which, eliminates the need to source ice and ice buckets; a hot station, which, removes the need for a hot water bath and a thermometer; and a petri dish incubator that can hold up to eight Petri dishes (6 cm) for incubating your cells.

The 3-in-1 nature of the DNA Playground highly simplifies getting the equipment for doing these fun and engaging exercises. It also reduces the cost compared to buying traditional lab equipment and lowers the set-up and clean-up time. Moreover, these units take only seconds to turn off, unplug, and store away in a cupboard for next time - this means you do not need a dedicated lab set up and can easily perform bacteria transformation and genetic engineering experiments from the comfort of your desk. With all-in-one is heating and cooling, touch controls and sensors, the DNA Playground saves 1-2 hours of setup/cleanup time each time you use it!

The DNA Playground replaces the need for:

  • Ice/Ice buckets
  • Hot water bath
  • Thermometer
  • Incubator
  • Timer

There are two different versions of the DNA Playground: Home & Large (choose in the drop-down menu)

  • The DNA Playground Home: Enables one individual/group to complete one Amino Labs experiment at a time. This smaller unit is compatible with all Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero book exercises, with the exception of the RGB Kit in Chapter 7.
  • DNA Playground Large: Enables up to four individuals/groups to do up to four Amino Labs experiments at a time. The DNA Playground large is typically used in the classroom environment; however, if you're an at home-learner, a DNA Playground Large will allow you more flexibility in the future if you choose to start doing your own experiments! The DNA Playground Large is compatible with all Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero book exercises.

Ships in 2-5 working days. DNA Playground colors may vary.