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Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero Home Pack (Chapters 1-4)

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Become a Genetic Engineering Hero and learn to extract DNA, grow friendly bacteria, make bio-art, and engineer bacteria by adding DNA from sea creatures!

The Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero Pack (Chapters 1-4) includes everything you need complete Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the Genetic Engineering Hero Learning Journey outlined in Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero book. The life science experiment kits included in this pack will take you through the first part of the Genetic Engineering Hero's journey and the individual experiment kits are ideal for solos, small groups, and families to discover the exciting and promising world of biotechnology. 

View the full learning journey here

 What's Included & What's Required:

The Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero Kit Pack (Chapters 1-4) includes:

  • (1) DNA Extraction Kit - one experiment to learn how to extract DNA from fruit (Ch. 1)
  • (1) Canvas Kit - one experiment to learn the basics of growing bacteria (Ch. 3)
  • (1) Engineer-it Kit - one experiment to learn and practice genetic engineering. (Ch. 4)
  • (1) Instruction Manual: Easy to understand vocabulary, step by step procedures and three online experiment simulations to practice with, teaching you the fundamentals for each project.
  • (1) Mini Safety Set is enough pairs of medium gloves for every experiment day and a reusable, one-size-fits-all wipeable plastic apron to use as a lab coat. 
  • Recommended 12 years old & up. Minimal supervision is required. The experiment kits must be refrigerated upon arrival for a longer shelf life. 

Optional & Sold Separately, choose from the add-ons and make sure to have a look at the required equipment section below: 

    • Chapter 2 of the Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero book covers all the necessary lab setup, regulatory, and safety information.
    • Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero Guide, 2nd Edition Book  Over 65,000 words and 130 color illustrations to take you from knowing little to nothing about genetic engineering to having the same basic training you would gain in university. The Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero Beginner’s Guide book contains more than a dozen hands-on biotechnology exercises, 160 pages on theory, concepts, discussion questions, "Going Deeper" and "Pro-tip" sections.  It is the most cutting-edge and accessible technical book about genetic engineering and biotechnology explicitly made for beginners. Whether you are looking to learn more about and participate in science fairs, DIYbio, the iGEM or Biodesign competitions; teach middle school and high school students; set up a responsible DIY biohacking lab; want to experience what a biotechnology career could be; or even prepare for university & AP biology, this book can help! Teenagers aged 12-14 edited this book, so we're confident that it is accessible and valuable to beginners and intermediate learners of all ages. 

  • DNA Playground All-in-One Minilab for completing life science projects like a pro! It's a small and convenient all-in-one piece of laboratory equipment that can be used in your room, living room, office or anywhere you like! Because of its small size, it can be stored away easily when not in use. You will find all the necessary lab setup, regulatory, and safety information in Chapter 2 of the Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero book. The DNA Playground can be re-used after you finish this starter pack with any of our experiment kits or other company's biotechnology experiment supplies

    Necessary Equipment Not Included: 

    If you have your own laboratory equipment which includes a 37°C incubator, hot water bath, thermometer, crushed ice & ice bucket, you are good to go! Otherwise, all the required laboratory and science equipment is included in the available add-on DNA Playground Packs.

    Cleaning and Safety Supplies Not included:

    • Latex or nitrile gloves (this Home Pack does come with the Mini-Safety Set which includes gloves and an apron, but it's good to keep plenty of safety gloves on hand…or hands!)
    • Chlorinated cleaner, or a solution of chlorinated bleach in a spray bottle.

      Shipping Times & Handling

      Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero Packs are shipped 3 -5 working days after you place your order. Your experiment kit(s) must be refrigerated upon arrival for a longer shelf life.

      Distance Learning

      The Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero Ch. 1 to 4 pack is ideal for remote learning, with or without the DNA Playground and/or book. Without the DNA Playground, students simply need to make their own DIY incubator following this easy video tutorial that only requires a thermometer, incandescent bulb and lamp, and plastic containers.

      If you are an educator, you can always contact us at for bulk purchases of kits to be sent directly to each student or to your location, along with mini-safety sets and thermometers or DNA Playgrounds!