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Start commanding and collecting data from satellites with this project-based book!

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DIY Comm and Control for Amateur Space asks you to take a new look at existing resources for the astro-data hound.


Radio spectrum for commanding and recording from our satellites is a shared resource with subtle hurdles. Walk the path originally paved by AMSATs to discuss the steps and licensing needed to set up and operate both a command uplink and a data download station and network, and find out how playing nicely with others maximizes your ability to get your data down.


Author Alexander "Sandy" Antunes (born 1967 in Baltimore, Maryland) is a Maryland-area astronomer, author, and role playing game designer. He graduated from Boston University in 1989 with a dual major in astronomy and physics, received a Masters in astronomy from Penn State in 1992, and received his PhD in computational astrophysics from George Mason University in 2005. He was the Maryland Science Center "Science Person of the Month" for May 2007.