Ultimate eDrum Kit OCHO


Make your Arduino into a drum kit with eight drum pads! This kit is easy to build and very customizable to meet your tinkering needs.

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The OCHO supports up to eight drum pads. (up from six with the Ultimate) The Ocho is a great choice for both tinkerers and musicians. The OCHO is even easier to build, the circuit comes pre-soldered, programmed and tested using surface mounted parts. You only have to solder the connectors. Also available fully assembled.

On board note assignment, expansion port, and hackable with the Arduino IDE, with digital pins to spare the DKK Ocho is an awesome and customizable MIDI controller.

Connect to a MIDI sampler, or directly to your computer using our free to download Serial-to-MIDI software solution, or a standard MIDI-USB interface.

The DKK Ocho has connections for up to 8 drum pads and has our Roadie (optional on the DKK AI) built in. This version comes mostly built (like all of our drum kits, you get to make your own drum pads).



  • Onboard ATmega
  • All SMD parts pre-soldered, programmed and tested
  • Screw terminals for the drum pad connections (makes connecting the drum pads easier).
  • Includes piezos for eight drum pads.
  • On board Din-5 MIDI-out jack (Use the DKK OCHO, with your other MIDI equipment).
  • FTDI compatible 90 degree pin header (makes it easy to re-program or use our Serial to MIDI software and your computer).
  • DC 2.1mm power jack (power the DKK OCHO while on the road).
  • Expansion port for hacking and future accessories
  • Four corner mounting holes (Build the OCHO into a project box).
  • On board voltage regulator.
  • Power selector jumper. USB (via optional FTDI cable) or DC power jack.
  • Lots of fun