Make: Fire - PDF

Your complete, hands-on guide to working with propane.

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From portable fire pit to workshop foundry to “booshing” flame canon, Make: Fire is your complete, hands-on guide to working with propane. This inexpensive, versatile, easy-to-use fuel can be used to enhance your home and studio, experiment with artistic creations, and produce awe-inspiring effects at outdoor events. You’ll learn the science of propane and discover the equipment and parts that allow you to work with it. You’ll be introduced to to the essentials — including fittings, valves, accumulators, and regulators. As your experience grows, you’ll set up high-pressure regulators, digital step valves, and programmed effects. Full-color photographs, illustrations, and diagrams will guide you step-by-step through each project.

Projects Included

Flambeau A flaming torch to illuminate your lawn or patio
Portable Fire Pit  Perfect for camping trips
Experimental Rubens Tube Flames that dance to music
Venturi Burner A heat-source for your metalworking or blacksmithing forge
Boosh A flame canon for creating spectacular fireballs
Arduino Control The key to unlimited flame effects

Meet the Author

Tim Deagan

Tim Deagan has written for Make: magazine, Nuts and Volts, and other technical publications. He is a licensed Texas Flame Effects Operator and the Flame and Safety Coordinator for the Austin Mini Maker Faire. After years of building flame effects, aka "booshes," in the local Burn community, Tim began teaching classes called "Propane 101" and "Build Your Own Aluminum Foundry" to help other interested makers create their own projects. As a former firefighter in the Brent Volunteer Fire Department and captain of a Red Cross Disaster Action Team, Tim has always believed that the most exciting pursuits are at their best when safety is fully understood and becomes part of the culture. Tim is also a contributor to the open-source 3D CAD program OpenSCAD and an active member of the Handibot CNC and Printrbot 3D printer communities.