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This fun, practical guide is for those who have no prior experience in 3D printing.

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 Like having a factory on your desk, a 3D printer allows you can make nearly anything you can think of. You don’t need permission from a board of directors or even orders from customers to produce new products. You just need your imagination! Offering a clear roadmap of best practices to help you successfully bring 3D printing into your home, classroom, or workplace — this fun, practical guide is intended for those who have no prior experience in 3D printing.

Written in a casual, conversational style, Getting Started with 3D Printing, 2nd edition is easily accessible to those who have no prior knowledge in 3D printing. The book's message is solidly practical, technically accurate, and consumer-relevant. The chapters include contemporary, real-life learning exercises and insights for how to buy, use and maintain 3D printers. It also covers free 3D modeling software, as well as 3D printing services for those who don't want to immediately invest in the purchase of a 3D printer. Particular focus is placed on free and paid resources, the various choices available in 3D printing, and tutorials and troubleshooting guides.

You'll Learn: 

  • How 3D printers work
  • What to look for when buying a 3D printer and supplies
  • Setting up and maintaining your own 3D printer
  • To master a step-by-step guide for turning an idea into a physical object
  • How to and when to outsource 3D modeling and printing services
  • To create and fix your own 3D models
  • How to design a personal 3D printing makerspace
  • About the future of 3D printing
  • 239 pages

Meet the Author

Liza Wallach Kloski
Liza is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, and founded LizaSonia Designs in 2003, a unique upscale jewelry brand and retail store in the Montclair District of Oakland, which wholesaled designs to 17 Nordstrom stores, in addition to 80 other retail stores. A graduate of UC Berkeley, Liza has won numerous design and business awards and was the main educational expert in Entrepreneur magazine's paperback book "Start Your Own Fashion Accessories Business (StartUp Series)." LizaSonia Designs was a successful jewelry company for more than a decade before Liza's passion turned to 3D printing jewelry.

Nick Kloski
Nickhas earned the respect of his colleagues through hard work, dedication and vision throughout his 15+ years in the high-tech industry. Graduating from UC Santa Barbara with an English Major, he was hired into Sun Microsystems during the dotcom boom, and has held a number of technical writing roles at Sun, and more recently, at Oracle translating complex technical architectures into understandable ideas. Nick's skills go deep into both the technical understanding and the mechanics of 3D printing, and how this industry has the capability to inspire the world.