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This is the first book to explain the Linux operating system specifically for Makers, providing a foundation in the basic principles you need for further learning and exploration with your projects.

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Some Makers shy away from using the Raspberry Pi or similar boards because they think Linux is too foreign and difficult. The good news is that Linux, the open source operating system, is really just another tool in the Maker tool belt! Like all tools, it’s not challenging to use once you know how to use it effectively. It makes sense that Makers would develop a preference for using open source tools in much the same way we use a screwdriver, hammer, or 3D printer. In fact, Linux is so powerful, you may start to prefer it to other operating systems and choose to use it on a daily basis!

From loading the OS to troubleshooting to prepping projects, you’ll learn to:

  • Write Raspian and other popular Linux distributions
  • Code and write scripts
  • Master Filesystems
  • Learn commands, systems, and processes
  • Set up an IFTTT applet
  • Implement GPIO pins
  • Add sound and video to your projects
  • Configure for Python
  • Access and harness cloud services
  • Run a virtual Raspberry Pi on Windows, Mac, or Linux

. . . and more!

Meet the Author

Aaron Newcomb has been a maker since he was old enough to hold a screwdriver and has been using Linux since 1997. He currently works in the IT industry and co-hosts several shows about technology for TWiT, LLC, including FLOSS Weekly, All About Android, and This Week in Google. In 2012, he founded Benicia Makerspace where he currently serves as President and Executive Director.

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