Make: Magazine, Volume 43 - PDF

Make: Magazine, Volume 43 - PDF

Go beyond the FitBit with wearable tech that's reshaping the landscape of Making in the latest issue of Make: Fashionistas, techies, fit freaks and pioneers in every field find common ground on this new terrain.


The hottest trend right now in the maker movement is wearable technology, and in Volume 43 of Make: we take a deeper look at the latest developments in the field. We highlight everything from building your own smart watch, to utilizing brainwave sensors in your project, to making a performance enhancing exoskeleton, to flexible circuits. Explore the latest in microcontrollers, tiny computers, and prototyping boards, where new releases are regularly and greatly increasing the electronics power we have at our fingertips.


In the Electronics and Wearables Issue:

  •  Latest in microcontrollers, tiny computers and prototyping boards
  • Behind the scenes look at Intel’s development of microcontrollers, including:
-Galileo Gen 2 board
-New Edison Module

  • A look at the latest expansion boards
  • How to build an open source smart watch
  • How the Raspberry Pi Compute Module is shaking things up
  • FLORA and GEMMA board projects



Suitably inspired? Head over to the Make: wearables collection, and get Making!


    DIY Injection Molding Machine
    Tried, true, and totally doable. Start cranking out solid thermoplastic parts with this home-built rig, upgraded from DIY author Vincent R. Gingery’s book Secrets of Building a Plastic Injection Molding...
    By Jim Hannon

    DIY Rotocaster
    Rotocasting is how the pros make hollow plastic parts — and it’s easy to do at home. Build this DIY rotocaster to slowly spin the mold while your resin cures....
    By Matt Stultz

    Solder a “Draailampje” Mini Flip Light
    "Flip lights" — turn them upside down, and they’re off. Turn them back up, and they’re on. Here's an easy soldering project that's really fun to use. New from Make:...
    By David Bakker

    Induction Instruction
    Generate enough power to light an LED through the magic of inductive charging.
    By Charles Platt

    Magic Cat Projector
    Make this fun mini projector just in time for Halloween. It throws a shadow image of a black cat — which then disappears, leaving only his spooky grin!
    By Bob Knetzger

    Glowing, Dancing Oobleck
    Oobleck is a delightful non-Newtonian fluid that exists as a liquid under low-stress situations, but becomes more viscous when agitated or vibrated. Named after a fictional green precipitation in a...

    Soda Bottle Rocket LED Fireworks
    Fireworks originated in ancient China and have been making people look to the night sky with delight ever since. Firework formulas are closely guarded secrets handed down from generation to...
    By Paul Gentile (The Hobby Guy)

    And much more…