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Connected Everything!

In this issue of Make: learn to connect and automate a variety of gadgets with the easy-to-use IFTTT (If This Then That) cloud service — set your coffee machine to brew a fresh pot when you wake up or send a message to do your homework right away when you get back home. Then explore how hackers use the Shodan search engine to discover and take advantage of your connected devices and get up to speed on how to lock them out. And in our cover story, read about Let's Robot, the whimsical platform for telepresence robotics. Log in and communally control a roving robot, and build your own for the internet to collectively control. 

Plus, 25 projects including:
  • Hack the original Space Invaders arcade audio chip and produce classic and novel sounds
  • 3D print an awesome set of egg-shaped speaker enclosures that provide incredible sound
  • See how prop and costume maker Michelle Sleeper built a real Mad Max: Fury Road-inspired prosthetic arm for an amputee cosplayer
  • Add sass to your simple sweater with ribbon and grommets
  • And much more!