Make: Magazine, Volume 67 - PDF

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Make: Magazine, Volume 67 - Making Time
There's one resource we just can't get enough of: Time. In this issue of Make: we celebrate that most fascinating and finite resource. First, build a miniature neomatrix word clock that colorfully spells out the time. Next, waste less time in the shop with a healthy helping of time saving shop tips. Then, take a metaphorical trip to the past and dive into the history and theory behind modern mechanical clocks.

Plus, 19 projects to make, including:
  • 8 more crazy clocks to build
  • 3D print and old-school bellows-style camera
  • Program a wall-mounted display to track your social media stats
  • Craft a 2-in1 leather carrier for beer and wine for your next picnic
  • Build a stylish motion reactive LED table-top display
  • and more!