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Space Geek
There's never been a better time to be an amateur space explorer! From high school programs designed to send real student-led experiments to the International Space Station, to building a working VTVL (vertical take off, vertical landing) model rocket like the one from SpaceX, this issue is packed full of projects with actual space applications. And if a space aesthetic is more to your liking for your earthly abode, we’ve got a giant light-up full moon to hang on your wall and desktop orreries to simulate the movement of the planets around the sun.
Plus 38 more great projects:
  • Program a bot that points to the ISS when overhead
  • Learn to laser-cut EVA foam to customize any cosplay creation
  • Build a light-up acrylic rainbow that changes colors to tell the weather
  • Make a cardboard camera that uses sun prints for film
  • And much more!