Make: Special Issue - Halloween, 2007 - Print

With edible gore, costumes cleverly simple to electrifyingly complex, and detailed how-to's for everything Halloween, this Make: Special Issue is the complete guide to fright-night projects.

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The Make: Special Issue - Halloween 2007 includes 40+ Halloween projects. This original, limited stock print copy is full of over 30 fiendish features, including the projects below...

Costume how-to's include a playable Pac-Man cabinet and some low-effort high-impact outfits you can create from bags, balloons, and boxes. Attending a potluck bash? Edible inspirations like Graveyard Cake and the secrets to successful pumpkin seed roasting have you covered. If you prefer to stay home and spook the neighbors, among our haunted house hints are a mega-creepy Hitchcockian "Birds" theme and an alien invasion.

Order your issue today, and prepare for a Make:tacular Halloween!