Microcade Launch Edition

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Your Game On: The Micro Arcade Cabinet You Can Build in Just Hours!

How does it work? 


First unbox all the parts inside your kit and boot up the build tutorials. We’re going to start by practicing your soldering on a test circuit board and getting you ready for the real thing.

After getting warmed up you will learn how to solder key components onto the main circuit board.


Once we have all the core components soldered to your circuit board we attach the OLED screen and battery that will power your gaming experience.


For the final step we solder together the remaining circuit board components to make it stand strong!


The experience still isn’t over. We now instantly have access to over 20+ retro arcade games the moment you power on the arcade machine.


Follow more tutorials to learn how to code your own games using the Arduino IDE!


What makes the launch edition unique?


A few things makes this launch extremely special. has allocated 500 launch edition kits for its community and this is currently the only place in the world to get access to this kit. On top of the exclusivity we are making this design only available for the initial supporters. All future cabinet designs will look different making this one perfect for collectors who wish to collect all the different cabinet designs Microcade releases.


Does this kit come with all the tools I will need?

Yes! In this kit we include a soldering iron, solder, wire cutters, and a file so you don’t need to make any trips to the hardware store.


What skills will I learn with this kit?


You will learn how to hand solder components onto a circuit board and you will learn how to develop your own games using the Arduino IDE.


Ready to get started? Build your Microcade today!

Only 500 available at the time of launch once we are out of stock this will be sold out for some time due to the nature of this release.