The Ornaments - Learn to Solder Kit


A great learn to solder kit.

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The Ornaments (2 pack) is a kit containing two easy to solder Christmas tree ornaments. Once soldered, press the button and it will play an 8-bit Christmas tune and blink the four LEDs to the music. We love that "retro - cheesy" 8-bit sound! 

The heart of the ornament is an ATtiny85 microprocessor. (It comes programmed of course). It connects to a long lasting CR2032 battery (included). When the button is pressed, the ornament powers up, plays one song on the piezo buzzer while blinking the LEDs and then turns off into low power mode and waits for the button to be pressed again.

This kit comes in a nice strong box, great for wrapping.

 Key Features

  • Makes two complete Ornaments.
  • Two holiday themed color circuit boards (red and green).
  • Bundle contains 8 LEDS (4x red and 4x green) - Mix and match how you like.
  • A great learn to solder kit
  • Mounting hole for easy hanging in tree.
  • Easy to solder through-hole parts.
  • Powered by a single CR2032 battery (Two included in the bundle).
  • Fun to do with a friend!
  • Songs:
    • Jingle Bells
    • God rest ye merry gentlemen

What You'll Need

  • Soldering iron
  • Solder
  • Safety Glasses
  • Snips
  • Masking tape (Optional)
  • String or ribbon (Optional - to hang in tree)

Product Documentation / User Guide

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