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VSETT Mini Electric Scooter

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Color: Army Green

Smart Design

From the same company that pioneered scooter chassis designs featured in Zero, Apollo, and Turbowheel scooters, the VSETT Mini is the culmination of a decade of urban scooter design and VSETT’s first foray into the micro-electric scooter market.

Lightweight, But Full Of Features

Weighing just under 30 lbs. the Mini is VSETT’s lightest scooter ever! And yet it’s packed full of awesome features. VSETT’s signature NFC card lock makes a return as well as their dedication to strong locking mechanisms. They even managed to pack front and rear suspension in as well! 

Portable Power

The Mini has been designed with removable external batteries* to get all the range you need! Easy to install the External Battery gets you to a whopping 20 miles of range.

Pick Up and Go Reliability

Unlike every other scooter VSETT produces, the Mini comes with solid tires by default. This means no flats and only replacing tires when the tread gets worn. The rear brake is a standard mechanical brake that is easily maintained.

Being Seen is Being Safe

VSETT even upgraded their lighting design by including LED underlighting and a bright headlight.

* external batteries only available with the 'Extended Battery' model. DO NOT install any external pack unless both it and the internal battery are the same voltage.
This product comes with a 1-year warranty.