BrainPad Pulse

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STEM Microcomputer for Coding Robots, Games, & Circuits

BrainPad Pulse has a unique 128×64 B&W graphical display that can be used for showing text, graphing sensor data as well as creating simple video games!

Carrying Case and USB Cable Included

All BrainPad products come with a reusable carrying case to store your products when not in use. The BrainPad Pulse case fits conveniently inside all other BrainPad Accessory Kit cases too.


Microsoft MakeCode Ready

Code using blocks
  • The BrainPad Pulse comes preloaded to work with Microsoft MakeCode.

  • Microsoft MakeCode is a free online learn-to-code platform where anyone can build games and code the BrainPad Pulse.

  • There are no accounts to create and nothing to install. Works with any web browser.

  • Build up your coding skills as you move from block-based coding to languages like JavaScript and Python. All inside the same Makecode interface.

  • Once your code is done download it onto the BrainPad Pulse.

  • Pre-loaded with Microsoft MakeCode

  • Learn to Code - Using Blocks, Javascript, or Python

  • Online Browser Based Simulator with Built-in Tutorials & eBook

  • No Accounts to Create/Nothing to Install

BrainPad Pulse with Sensors
Control Sensors with the BrainPad Pulse
Coding circuits was never easier. Use alligator clips to easily connect to the BrainPad Pulse
  • Solderless connections using clips

  • Understand how to connect inputs from physical world into the “brain”

  • Several input and output sensors for understanding how the “brain” controls the physical world

  • Reusable Storage Case

Not micro:bit compatible
BrainPad Pulse is NOT micro:bit compatible, but does work with the Makey:bit Adventure Board!
Though the BrainPad Pulse and micro:bit share a similar edge connector. BrainPad only certifies compatibility with select BrainPad branded kits. The BrainPad Pulse has it's own MakeCode interface and cannot be programmed using micro:bit's MakeCode simulator. Projects created in each simulator are not interchangeable.


eBook Included

Online eBook Included
MakeCode for BrainPad guide takes the user on a journey, starting with the simulator to the actual hardware.