Makey:bit Adventure Board

Launch into the realm of coding with our own 'bot of many wonders, Makey, as your guide!

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Hello there...

The Makey:bit Adventure Board superpowers your microcontrollers and projects.

Its fun robot form factor encourages unique projects and offers creative coding opportunities for all ages!

Make and control more cool stuff with easy connections for servos, sensors, screens, and more. Create your own animatronic character that responds to your voice, a little “Tamagotchi” robot friend, or go mobile and take the Makey bit:Mobile for a radio controlled spin!

Grab a Makey:bit with a micro:bit included!


Compatible with these microcontrollers (required, sold separately):

      • BBC Micro:bit (v.1 & v.2)
      • Adafruit CLUE
      • BrainPad Pulse
      • BrainPad Tick
      • Pico:ed Board

    Visit the Makey:bit Homepage for more information, projects and resources. Wholesale and Educational discounts available, email for more info. *Microcontroller, micro-USB cable & computer required, 3 AAA Batteries not included.

    Check out our awesome array of free Makey:bit Skin Templates, featuring The Mum-Makey, FrankenMakey, Krampus, Race Team, Makey O'Reilly the Leprechaun, William Makespeare, Bunnie Rabbit and more!


    What's it do?

    The micro:bit has lots of pins to control inputs and outputs (as many as 20!) but to make it as small as possible, the designers only made it easy to access three of those pins. 

    With the Makey:bit, we can access another 9 pins (the others are already used by stuff on the micro:bit like the LEDs on the front and some of the sensors).

    Your Makey:bit makes it easy to make connections using alligator clips and pin connections for servo motors, Mini OLED displays, LEDs, NeoPixels® sensors & more. The onboard battery pack with on/off switch keeps your projects powered up on the go and can also provide direct access to battery power for motors or sensors that require 5V.

     Makey:bit in Action 

    Jam out on your Makey:bit with your own cardboard “Axe”, cue up your Spotify™ playlist, and let DJ Makey run the show for your next party and gig, or use it to follow your favorite Twitter (@Make:), YouTube (@Make:) channels, or Instagram (@makemagazine) feeds and never miss a new video or photo release!

    You can also learn math easily with AI, postures, and programming to play with fractions, use engineering to create a robotic tightrope walker, or make the Makey:bit into a scratch gamer motion controller to connect the real world with the digital world and level up!

    Your Makey:bit comes in it's own eco-friendly container, or is it a docking station, or maybe a starship, it's up to you! Hack, craft, decorate or 'lectrify your Makey:bit's home base, there is a handy reference booklet and space to store accessories inside and the outer sleeve doubles as a stand!