Solder: Time Watch Kit


This easy-to-solder watch kit includes laser cut acrylic casing and a velcro wristband. Show off your Maker skills on your wrist!

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The Solder:Time Watch Kit became an instant hit when it was introduced at Maker Faire Bay Area in May 2011. Easy to solder real time watch kit with a unique laser cut acrylic casing. Four individual acrylic parts cut to fit the internal PCB, battery and switch perfectly. Included is a velcro wrist band. After soldering the Solder:Time, the watch is built by stacking the acrylic parts with the PCB and holding it together with the included screws.

The Solder:Time was designed to be a wrist watch. It doesn't have to be limited to living on your wrist, you could also use it as a badge or desk clock.


  • Great looking laser cut acrylic case
  • Unique watch
  • Easy to solder
  • Stand alone project - no computer or other programmer required. Just solder it and it's ready!
  • On board Dallas DS1337+ Real Time Clock (RTC) for super accurate time keeping
  • Jumper (on bottom) for always on use.
  • Hackable: Programming and I2C pads labeled on bottom
  • Clear front and back casing to show the internal electronics
  • Adjustable wrist band
  • Can be also be worn as a badge with optional badge clip.
  • Long lasting battery, with special LED lighting method and very low power processor sleeping.
  • Dimms: Diameter: 60mm (2.4 in) Thickness: 15mm (0.6in) Wt: 43g (1.5oz)

Kit Includes:

  • Solder:Time PCB with all of the electronics
  • Laser cut acrylic casing with four screws
  • Easy to use Velcro type wrist band (long enough for huge wrists, trim-able for smaller ones.
  • CR2032 Battery


Tools & Supplies required but not included: 

  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • Wire Snips

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