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Make: eSewing Starter Pack

Designed from the ground up to be engaging for kids of all ages, this kit fits right at home at a kitchen table, workshop, or classroom!

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Light up your wardrobe! Customize your cosplay! 

Stitch into your projects with metallic conductive thread and connect to LEDs, battery holders and button snap switches and more, turning your clothing & accessories into one-of-a-kind artworks that show your STEAM smarts--even in the dark!

Each electronic component features easy to thread loops and are color coded to indicate which are positive and negative. Use the button snaps and hook 'n' loop strip to "complete" your circuits on your projects. 

Make simple LED superhero wrist cuffs, light up your costume or customize your COVID mask!


  • 4x Jumbo LEDs (10 mm)
  • 4x Chip LEDs (5mm)
  • 4x Mini Chip LEDs (SMT)
  • 1x Click Button Chip
  • 5x Coin Cell Batteries
  • 2x Sewable Coin Cell Battery Holders
  • 4x Button Snaps
  • 2x Easy Thread Steel Sewing Needles
  • 1x Plastic Darning Needle
  • 1x Conductive Thread Spool
  • 1x Conductive Hook 'n' Loop Strip
  • 1x Conductive Fabric Strip

Limited Time - Special Project Ideas PDF Included*

These kits are intended for makers ages 10 and up or under adult supervision, due to the small parts and dexterity concerns with needles. Coin cell batteries of any type can be extremely dangerous if swallowed and caution is always recommended. All projects are powered at 3V and have no danger of shocking or harming users. Hand wash projects only and let air dry. Do not use Conductive Thread with a sewing machine, hand stitch only.

 *Project PDF will be emailed separately with a download link. Features 4 Projects excerpted from our Make it Glow book by Emily Coker & Kelli Townley. Support the authors and save 10% when you buy the book and use code MAKEITGLOW at checkout.