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Featuring over 30 components and more than 100 pieces total, the Maker Camp Camper Pack is an awe inspiring collection of components and electronics for your home camp, makerspace or small group.

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The Maker Camp Electronics Pack is an awe inspiring collection of versatile components and electronics that opens the creative door for any maker, crafter and inventive mind. 

Perfect of all ages and skill levels to start lighting up paper circuits with copper tape, fabricate light-up wearable mods for your clothing using conductive thread and LED chips, make motors spin a prop or a wheel, craft cardboard creations with servos and shakers, and create your own microcontroller projects with everything included.

 Featuring over 30 components and more than 100 pieces total. Pair with microcontroller of your choice and the possibilities are endless! A great components pack addition for your home, workshop, school, library, makerspace, or small group, with variety of projects online. 

Components List  (Serves: 1 - 4)

  • Alligator Clips to Alligator Clips Bundle

  • Alligator Clips to Jump Wire Female

  • Alligator Clips to Jump Wire Male

  • Binder Clips

  • Brass Brads

  • Breadboard - Transparent Half Size

  • Breadboard Power Supply Module 3.3V / 5V

  • Chenille Pipe Cleaners Pack

  • Coin Cell Batteries

  • Conductive Nylon Tape Roll

  • Conductive 2-ply Thread Spool 

  • Copper Tape Rolls

  • DC Mini Motors

  • Glue Dot Sheets

  • Jumper Wire Bundle - (MM-MF)

  • LEDs Blinking (5mm) (R-B-G-Y)

  • LEDs (10mm) (R-B-G-Y-W)

  • LEDs (3mm/5mm) (R-B-G-Y-W) - 200pc Boxset

  • LEDs (5mm) (RGB)

  • LEDs Chip (10mm RGB)

  • Maker Camp Cardboard Cutter

  • Mini Pancake Motors

  • Paper Clips

  • RGB LED (4-pin Common Cathode)

  • Servo Motors - 180

  • Servo Motors - Continuous

  • Sewing Needles - Plastic Darning 2pc

  • Sewing Needles - Steel Easy Thread 2pc

  • Shake It Board w/Battery

  • Zip Ties (4" & 8")

  • Ages 8 plus recommended for the smaller electronics parts
  • microcontroller and computer recommended for variety of projects including working with servos and motors.


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