Mobile Classroom Pack

Mobile Classroom Pack includes everything you need to do engineering and circuit projects with your students.

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Build infinite projects with embeddable snap-off circuits for kids, educators, and makers.

This classroom pack has everything you need to conduct hands-on stem projects with your students. Components come in a handy Milwaukee toolbox, with removable bins to make classroom management easier.

The classroom pack includes:

  • 10 shake it kits
  • 10 shake it minis
  • 100 battery holders
  • 200 LEDs (assorted)
  • Wooden legs
  • Straws
  • Copper tape
  • Conductive thread
  • Paper clips
  • Extra batteries
  • Storage box
  • Easily serves 20 makers

Circuits can be reused. Or if you opt to have students build and keep their projects intact, replacement kits are available. Great for makerspaces and classrooms!

Teacher guide and student worksheet available