Circuit Solder Skill Kits

Master your soldering skills with all four Very Useful Circuits.

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Choose from 4 boards:

  • Sensor: Build a circuit that senses a change in a sensor while exploring the properties of this fundamental circuit, the Wheatstone Bridge
  • Blinker: Learn how to make LEDs blink while exploring how capacitors work.
  • Nitelight: Take your exploration of transistors the next step beyond, the touchpad with this board that uses a a photo-transistor coupled with an NPN transistor to create a light activated circuit.
  • Touchpad: Transistors are the building blocks for modern electronics and the Touchpad circuit is a great introduction to their basic function.
  • Each kit comes as a single or as a 10pk of the same board, or choose the full set of 4 and get 1 of each board!