Make: Crafty Maker Super Bundle - Print

Perfect for the elementary and middle school-aged Maker, these projects, crafts, science, and electronics builds promote the essentials of STEAM learning while students have a great time creating items that they can really use.

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4 Great Books at One Great Price for the Holidays! Rainy days, snow days, Saturdays, after school—solved! With the fully illustrated hands-on projects in this book set, kids and parents alike will learn how fun making can be, with creative skill-builders and easy to follow projects included, what will you Make?

Make: Fabric and Fiber Inventions - Fully illustrated with easy step-by-step projects, this fun book starts with the basics of sewing and knitting. Then, learn how to add color to your wardrobe with silkscreen and batik, and how to transform old clothing into useful non-clothing items. The book ends by showing how to add electronic circuits to your wardrobe.

Make: Make: Edible Inventions - Learn to make (and hack!) all of the delicious foods you already love to eat while discovering new methods for cooking them. Explore chemical cuisine, recipe hacks, growing your own food, cooking off the grid, and working with — and building — your own crazy gadgets.

Make: Make It Glow - Everyone loves to play with light and this collection of kid-ready LED projects will have young Makers exploring electricity and electronics while opening up a world of endless fun! Makers, tinkerers, hobbyists, and parents will be drawn to the decorative and exciting possibilities of the projects included.

Make: The Maker Magicians Handbook - To get started, you'll need only what you can usually find in your home: items like paper, ziploc bags, index cards, coloring utensils, pencils, rubberbands, scissors, etc. Join Mario the Maker Magician on a DIY magic tour!