Microcontroller Survival Pack

With our guts pack we make it easy to get all the extra electronics components you need in one place.

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Microcontroller Survival Pack includes 60+ useful components for making, hacking, and modifying electronic circuits for your microcontroller of choice, projects and repairs on the go!


  • Servos (FS90 - 180degree) x 2
  • Mini OLED Screen w/ Cable x 1
  • Potentiometer 5k x 1
  • Half-Sized Breadboard
  • Alligator Clips to Dupont (AC/M) x 5
  • Alligator Clips to Dupont (AC/F) x 5
  • Jumper Wires (M/F) x 5
  • Jumper Wires (F/F) x 5
  • LEDs 5mm x 15
  • LEDs 10mm x 2
  • Resistors 220ohm x10
  • Resistors 1K x10
  • Resistors 10K x10
  • Resistors 100K x10
  • Photoresistors x2
  • Pushbuttons (w/ Mixed Color Caps) x6
  • 9V Battery Connector Cap w/ 2.1mm Barrel Plug x1

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