Make: Make an Arduino-Controlled Robot - PDF

An introduction into building and running robots with an in-depth handling of the Arduino as a controller - great for robot-curious Arduino fans!

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Make: Make an Arduino-Controlled Robot - Building robots that sense and interact with their environment used to be tricky. Now, Arduino makes it easy. All you to get started with arduino-based robotics is a little programming experience and a keen interest in electronics. 


In the initial chapters of Make: Make an Arduino-Controlled Robot, brief conceptual descriptions of the capabilities that will be implemented in the robotic software are presented.

You’ll go through a step-by-step building process: assembling and controlling the motors, determining speed and direction, and attaching sensors that permit the robot to understand and interact with the environment around it.The author details two robot platforms - a 2WD robot with caster, and a 4WD skid-steer version, and includes a complete parts list.

The result? A bot that can line-follow, obstacle-avoid, and roam within a defined space. It can back itself out of dead ends, and autonomously operate or be controlled by remote.

Projects start from simple robots and progress in complexity. All aspects of robot building are covered, from basic electronics, to working with sensors and autonomous robots - you’ll finish armed with enough information to design your own projects!