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Visible Cutaway Practice Lock w/ Spool Pins

This see-through pin-tumbler lock is an excellent learning tool.

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Visible Cutaway Practice Lock w/ Spool Pins

The ST-35 is a see-through pin-tumbler lock and an excellent learning tool. By watching the movement of the pins as you practice your lock picking skills, you will gain a better understanding of how and why a lock can be compromised and improve your own skill levels. This lock comes with spool shaped pins, which are very difficult to pick! Please note: Lockpicks not included, grab a 5pc here!

What is a Lock Pick?

Lock picking is the act of opening a lock without the original key, done by manipulating the lock's components. Tools typically used are long, thin pieces of metal with variously shaped tips that facilitate the picking of a cylinder lock's pins.

While lock-picking is often associated with criminal activity, such as breaking into homes or vehicle theft. However, lock picking is also an essential skill for those in the locksmith profession, and is a great way to study mechanical engineering properties. Law-abiding citizens also learn the skill for their own legal use or in locksport, the sport of defeating lock systems.

Is owning lockpicking equipment illegal?