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Here’s a bookset that shows you how to have fun while you learn the fundamentals of using workshop tools. All ages and levels welcome!

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4 Great Books at One Great Price for the Holidays! It's a shop class in a bookset! The hard-earned tips and tricks gained by experience are the hidden currency of makers -- passed along in workshops and makerspaces by example and by retelling. Get in on the making and learn by doing! What will you Make?

Make: Workshop Mastery with Jimmy DiResta Perfect for the maker who has basic experience working with tools and doing simple builds, this book gets you right inside Jimmy's workshop and his head. You'll expand your knowledge of woodworking tools, get the basics of CNC routers, learn metal projects, understand the basics of styrene, see how to use leather, and finally — make and mod your own tools just like Jimmy does.

Make: Tips and Tales from the Workshop, Volume 1 - This benchtop reference collects hundreds of ingenious and indispensable shop tips and pearls of wisdom collected by the editors of Make: and some of the most talented and prolific makers who've contributed to the magazine and Maker Faire over the past decade. You'll also encounter fascinating tales from experienced makers whose personal stories illuminate their favorite tools and best discoveries. Illustrated in full color with photos, drawings, and comic strips, Tips and Tales from the Workshop will entertain and enlighten while inspiring you. 

Make: Workshop Tools & How to Use Them - At last! Here’s a book that shows you how to have fun while you learn the fundamentals of using workshop tools. You’ll begin at the beginning, with nothing more than a handsaw and a bottle of carpenter's glue. By the end, you'll be a skillful user of workshop tools. You'll become proficient with all the basic hand tools by tackling more than 20 hands-on projects that don’t require a big investment in time and materials. You don’t even need a fancy workshop — everything can be done on a kitchen table.

Make: Bicycle Projects - More than just a form of transportation, your bike is a canvas ready for you to make all your own. With a full history of the bicycle and information about such commercial mods as adding baby seats and fenders—as well as instruction on wheels, tires, and regular maintenance—this book whets your appetite to hack your ride your own way. With 18 projects included, you'll be able to customize your bike to meet all your riding needs!