Make: Drones - PDF

Learn how drones work by embarking upon projects based on the world's most popular robot controller—the Arduino.

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Whether for aerial photography, FPV racing, education, or just plain flying — drones are an appealing hobby. Learning to build and fly drones allows you to work on your mechanical, electronic, and programming skills. This book helps anyone who is interested in drones to learn how they work by providing several DIY projects based on the world's most popular robot controller—the Arduino. And while flying is fun, adding an Arduino to the mix turns drones into a passion.

Projects Included

  • Hands-on construction projects that are perfect for everyone from beginner to professional
  • The only comprehensive and detailed explanation of drone control systems on the market
  • Projects that come complete with parts lists, sources, and tool requirements—and all software examples available for download
  • Construction-free projects for those who just want to write code or learn about tuning
  • Instructions on modding a Hubsan X4 107C
  • A detailed guide for building and modding the S500

Meet the Author

David McGriffy has been a programmer since the earliest days of the personal computer. He has piloted both radio-controlled and human-carrying aircraft, including gliders of both sorts. He worked on GPS systems before they had even finished launching all the satellites. He's written embedded systems code for top computer companies and for fun. He has traveled the world to do failure-mode analyses on the control systems of offshore oil rigs and is an inventor on a patent for a vibration analysis system. He is an expert on website performance and has been published by IEEE on the subject. David runs an audio software company, VVAudio, which produces plugins for surround sound and virtual reality. He has a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Texas at Austin.