ACEBOTT Quadruped Bionic Spider Robot Starter Kit For ESP8266

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Quadruped Bionic Spider Robot is a creative learning kit designed for beginners.

With this suite, you can have a good understanding of the walking posture of the spider, and through the programming design of robot action, master the control of a multi-degree freedom robot.

Product Features:
1.There are 6 movement postures and 9 action postures to fully understand the movement mode of the spider
2.APP&WIFI Control
3.Uses 1×18650 battery for longer working time
4.Available Type-C cable directly charging, easy to use
5.Acrylic structure, and custom steering wheel, unified screw, easy installation
6.More exquisite, cool
7.Better user experience
8.Friendly interaction

Supporting Resources:
1.App Control
2.8 Lessons Tutorial for servos and robots

1.ESP8266-V1.0 Controller Board & Spider-Shield-V1.0
2.1×18650 battery case
3.Exquisite Gold PCB with ACEBOTT logo
4.Certification: CE FCC ROHS UKCA PSE