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Maker School

In this issue of Make:, go from zero to maker and beyond with expert tips for taking your robotics, cosplay, and crafting interests to the next level. Then in our cover story, littleBits creator Ayah Bdeir talks about the origins of the iconic snap-and-play electronic blocks, plus teaming up with Star Wars and Marvel, and where the company is headed next. And learn how Oakland, California's Black Girls Code is bringing expertise — and a diverse voice — to technology’s future.
Plus, 16 projects including:
  • Hack cheap distance sensors to make tiny objects float in mid-air
  • Add a digital eyeball to a creepy charm you can wear for Halloween — or all year
  • Roast coffee beans automatically with spinner, stirrer, and heat gun rig
  • Assemble a cute robot arm to draw the current time in luminescent numerals
  • And more!