Make: Magazine, Volume 79 - PDF

In our cover story, we follow a group of friends who set out to send an autonomous boat across the Atlantic a decade ago. Their boat never made it, but that failure set them on a course to launch their own startup for self-navigating vessels. And they give you tips on building your own!

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Make: Volume 79 - Guide to Boards 2021

Looking back at the electronics scene in 2021 will likely be as much about what wasn’t available as what was new and exciting. Global manufacturing complications from Covid-19 meant that chips and components were in short supply across the board, from consumer electronics to cars to maker-focused dev boards. But despite the shortages, in this issue of Make: we look at the new microcontrollers, single-board computers, and FPGAs that you’re going to love getting your hands on!

First up, we talk to Raspberry Pi’s founder and CEO Eben Upton about the company’s surprise move to silicon manufacturing with the RP2040 microcontroller chip, their partnering with other board makers, and an unexpected new product announcement. Next, learn what you can do with the new Programmable I/O on the RP2040 chip. And, use our handy flowchart to transfer your messy breadboarded project into an elegant, usable circuit board. Then, get info on the latest boards — in dazzling augmented reality — and compare more than 100 new and popular microcontrollers in our Make: Guide to Boards special insert.

Plus, 39 projects to explore, including:

  • Build a mini replica TV from The Simpsons that’s always playing one of your favorite episodes
  • Bring Insta filters into the real world with a DIY film wigglegram camera lens
  • 3D-print a cheap wood lathe that really works!
  • Assemble a light-up, configurable USB macro keypad to speed up work apps, gaming, streaming, everything!
  • Amatuer Scientist, Remaking History, Toy Inventor’s Notebook, book excerpts, and much more!