Make: Magazine, Volume 83 - Print

Looking back at the electronics scene in 2021 will likely be as much about what wasn’t available as what was new and exciting. But despite the shortages, in this issue of Make: we look at the new microcontrollers, single-board computers, and FPGAs that you’re going to love getting your hands on!

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Make: Volume 83 - Guide to Boards 2022

It’s been another tumultuous year in the world of embedded electronics: Supply chain snags have scarcely relented, while new chips jostle for position as the go-to for makers. In this issue of Make:, we look at how scarcity is affecting the industry and impacting new and stalwart boards alike. We explore how RISC-V chip architecture is putting open silicon in the hands of makers. And if your favorite board is out of stock, we offer smart substitutes. Also included is our annual Make: Guide to Boards comparing 79 of the hottest microcontrollers, single-board computers, and FPGAs — with an emphasis on those you can actually get your hands on.

Plus, 25 projects to make, including:

  • Use full-color LED strings and a Pixelblaze controller to make cuddly animated pillows.
  • Stitch a stylish and sturdy roll-up tool carrier for on-the-go fixes and builds.
  • Convert your 3D printer to 5-axis and print the impossible.
  • Take control of smart home gadgets with Z-Wave and Raspberry Pi.
  • Make a fun paper airplane that blows bubbles as it soars.
  • And much more!