Make: Sensors - PDF

Make: Sensors - PDF

Want to monitor the world around you with your favorite microcontroller? This guide gets you running!


So you've picked up a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino Uno and you're wondering what awesome project to work on first. If you're interesting in creating something that interacts with the physical world, you'll want to dive into the (sometimes confusing) world of sensors.

In Make: Sensors, you'll receive an introductory overview of how to use the abundance of sensors on the market to achieve your project goals. This book has been designed in the spirit of our popular Make: Electronics in mind, with a wealth of high resolution imagery and a friendly, understandable voice. Understanding how your sensors communicate to the physical world and back to your microcontroller is key to having a project be successful, and once you've got the basic tools, you can expand upon your range of sensors to improve upon your projects!

Get hands-on with your learning with unique experiments and have the workbench become your classroom with Make: Sensors. Soon, you'll be creating intruder detectors and monitoring the temperature with ease!
  • A hands-on book that provides the reader with engaging experiences
  • Heavily illustrated with electronic circuit diagrams that can be read by non-technical readers
  • Includes full color photographs that are informative, useful, and engaging
  • About the Authors:

    Tero Karvinen teaches Linux and embedded systems in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, where his work has also included curriculum development and
    research in wireless networking. He previously worked as a CEO of a small advertisement agency. Tero's education includes a Masters of Science in Economics.

    Kimmo Karvinen works as a CEO in a leading company specialized in AV automation in Finland. Before that, he worked as CTO for a hardware manufacturer that specializes in smart building technology, as a marketing communications project leader, and as a creative director and partner in advertisement agency. Kimmo's education includes a Masters of Art and he's currently working toward his D.Sc. at Helsinki University of Technology.

    Ville Valtokari works as the head programmer for automation hardware manufacturer. Before that he designed and programmed cutting edge AV systems. Countless personal projects include game design and programming, building robots, and discovering how things work.