Make: magazine, Volume 04 (PDF)

Make: magazine, Volume 04 (PDF)

Cool holiday kit reviews, build a cigar box guitar, circuit bending, coffee hacks, and more.


Downloadable PDF of Make: magazine, Volume 04 (PDF) the first magazine devoted to digital projects, hardware hacks, and D.I.Y. inspiration. Make Volume 04 includes cool holiday kit reviews, build a cigar box guitar, circuit bending, high-speed flash photography, coffee hacks, and lots of DIY music projects.

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Table of Contents

Crafter Manifesto by Ulla-Maaria Engestr�m
The magic of making things. Page 7

Lazy Progress by Shawn Connally in Welcome
Managing Editor Shawn Connally expounds on laziness as the ultimate motivator. Page 10

The Paper Chase by Merlin Mann, Danny O'Brien in Life Hacks
Our real challenge today is not to use less paper but to keep less paper. The dead tree version is always better than the digital version. Except for when it isn't. Page 12

News From The Future by Tim O'Reilly in News from the Future
A report on the labs and garage projects changing the way we live. Page 15

Made On Earth by Peter Kirn, Steve Lodefink, Bob Miller, Arwen O'Reilly Griffith, Chris O'Shea, Bob Parks, Bruce Stewart in Made on Earth

Amazing things your neighbors build in their basements. Page 16

Everything, for Everybody, Every Time by Bruce Sterling in Hands On
Multitools are for people who can't define their jobs, and who never stop tinkering. Page 26

Dean Kamen: The Dean of Engineering by William Lidwell in Maker
Wasting time is an unspeakable crime, says Segway inventor Dean Kamen. Page 28

Chinese Ingenuity by Tim Anderson in Heirloom Technology
Look for the technology of the future in the oldest civilization! Page 38

How to Make a Film, Without Money, While Being Bombed by Jasmina Tesanovic in Maker
Shooting a documentary in Belgrade is risky business. Page 42

Maximoog by Jimmy Guterman in Maker
A tribute to Bob Moog, the man who gave us so many good vibrations. Page 45

The Playful Scientist by Saul Griffith in Making Trouble
Call me crazy. Just don't call me mad. Page 46

Let The X-Games Begin by Alex Handy in Maker
If you've ever wanted to try making a video game, here's your chance. Page 48

Mister Jalopy's Garage by Mark Frauenfelder in Workshop
Inside a maker's garage-sale treasure trove. Page 52

The World's Biggest MP3 Player by Mister Jalopy in Maker
Filling a retro hi-fi with an MP3 ripping and playback system. Page 54

Film Jockey by Ross Orr in Maker
Julie Meitz uses old film projectors to create collages of light and color. Page 59

Proto: Where Bits Meet Flesh by David Pescovitz in Proto
IBM's Thomas Zimmerman and the "thrill of the make." Page 60

Kits For The Holidays by Thomas Arey, Gareth Branwyn, Dale Dougherty, Mister Jalopy, Steve Lodefink, Meara O'Reilly, Arwen O'Reilly Griffith, Dave Prochnow, Pacho Velez
Our guide to the coolest kits to make and give. Page 64

Cigar Box Guitar by Ed Vogel
Build and play this sweet-sounding 3-string instrument in an afternoon. Page 76

LEGO Instruments by Tom Whitwell
People have been building playable musical instruments from LEGO for some time. Page 83

Circuit Bending by Sabastian Boaz, Cristiana Yambo
Modify a Casio keyboard (or other electronic audio stuff) and start playing some of the strangest sounds you've ever heard. Page 88

Homemade Strobe Photography by Tom Anderson, Wendell Anderson
Take pictures of popping balloons, breaking glass, and water droplets. Page 102

The Bottomless Portafilter by Will O'Brien in DIY: Coffee
Mod your espresso maker's filter holder for a tastier cup. Page 117

Toaster Tea Popper by Johnathan Nightingale in DIY: Coffee
Perfect brew by the clock. Page 119

Hot On The Spot by John F. Murphy in DIY: Coffee
Get consistent shots by adding precise temperature control to your espresso maker. Page 121

Automate Your Coffee Pot Using X10 by Dave Mabe in DIY: Coffee
What good is a coffee pot if it can't be controlled from the internet? Page 127

Throw Your Voice by Daniel Jollife in DIY: Mobile
Build your own anonymous megaphone. Page 129

Mint-Tin Amp by Warren Young in DIY: Music
Pocket amplifier punches up headphones. Page 131

VJing 101 by Paul Spinrad in DIY: Music
Performing live video combines the visual power of filmmaking with the spontaneity of jazz. Page 137

Air Scratch by Peter Kirn in DIY: Music
Use a webcam to turn motion into music. Page 140

Music Box by Peter Kirn in DIY: Music
Turn your Game Boy into a musical instrument. Page 142

The VJ Book by Paul Spinrad in DIY: Music
The story behind Paul's book, "The VJ Book." Page 144

Better Vibrate than Never by David Battino in DIY: Music
Information on "The Art of Digital Music" by David Battino. Page 144

Mush! by Amy Horton, Adam Thornton in DIY: Workshop
Building a tandem dog cart. Page 145

Hack A Robosapien by Dave Prochnow in DIY: Robotics
This maker-friendly bot begs to be opened up. Page 149

Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things by Cy Tymony in 123
Turn a cup into a speaker and a microphone. Page 152

Owner's Manifesto by Mister Jalopy
If you can't open it, you don't own it: a Maker's Bill of Rights to accessible, extensive, and repairable hardware. Page 154

Microcontroller Programming by Sparkle Labs in Primer
Easy-to-program chips tell circuitry to do what you want. Page 159

Baster Flute by Joost Bonsen, Nick Dragotta, Saul Griffith in Howtoons
Page 166

Toolbox by David Albertson, Rob Bullington, Shawn Connally, Daniel M. East, Mark Frauenfelder, Jeffrey Goldsmith, Andy Ihnatko, Marc H. Nathan, Arwen O'Reilly Griffith, Ross Orr, Tom Owad, Matthew Russell, Fred Sandsmark, Bob Scott, Patrick Webb in Toolbox
The best tools, software, gadgets, books, magazines, and websites. Page 168

Wizard Christmas Crackers by Charles Neveu in 123
Start the holidays with a bang: make trick crackers that go off like a gunshot and burst into a blinding, sparkling ball of flame. Page 179

CVS Hackathon by Phillip Torrone in Tales from the MAKE: Blog
Gadgeteer and hacker Phillip Torrone blogs daily, pointing out DIY projects as well as showcasing his own how-to solutions. You can find blogs, podcasts, and images at Page 180

And One Mouse to Rule Them All by Tom Owad in Retrocomputing
Consolidating your computer peripherals. Page 182

RIP: Rip, Mix, Burn by Cory Doctorow in Make Free
Page 183

Tea Leaves: Wabi-Sabi by Dale Dougherty
The Japanese have a deeper appreciation for things humble and handmade. Page 184

Treasure Trove by Dale Dougherty in Blast from the Past
Lindsay Publications' unique catalog of hard-to-find lore. Page 186

MakeShift by William Lidwell in MakeShift
A small family farm in Mexico will go under due to drought conditions and you decide to help. Page 188

Reader Input in Reader Input
Where makers tell their tales and offer praise, brickbats, and swell ideas. Page 190

My Lego Electronic Lab Kit Bricks by Claude Rieth in Homebrew
Page 192