Scrappy Circuits

Scrappy Circuits

Scrappy Circuits is an imaginative "do-it-yourself" way to learn about electrical circuits for less than $1 per person!


Play and learn with simple, fun projects for less than $1 per person!

Scrappy Circuits is an imaginative "do-it-yourself" way to learn about electrical circuits. Raid your junk drawer for simple office supplies, add a little cardboard, pay a visit to a local dollar store, and you are on your way to countless fun projects while learning about electronics. Featuring hands-on, safe and inexpensive projects that are fun for girls and boys ages 8-14 with no experience or soldering and expensive equipment required.

 Build all these and more

  • Core Bricks - The five building blocks of Scrappy Circuits will have you powered up in no time.
  • Action Bricks - It's all about action when you build things that light up, buzz, and move.
  • Switches - Control the world with switches that turn circuits on and off in fun and interesting ways.
  • Control Bricks - Buzzers can be loud or soft, lights bright and dim, but only if you know how to control electricity and bend it to your will!
  • Alternative Power Sources - Learn about how batteries work by building your own.
  • Scrappy Projects - Make alarms, games, musical instruments, secret spy devices and more.


About the Author

Michael Carroll is a teacher in Abington, PA with a passion for science and storytelling. His work inside and outside of the classroom has been focused on making learning fun and accessible to all. Time Magazine named him as one of their 100,000,000 Most Influential People in the World.


Take it to the next level!

Projects start out simple and grow in complexity, allowing kids of all ages to start with easier projects and progress as quickly as they wish.

Easy to read instructions and tons of step-by-step photos guide scrappy adventurers through the process of building over 40 unique "bricks" - DIY building blocks that can be combined into all sorts of fun and scrappy projects. Make things that light up, alarms that buzz, games that keep score, and learn about electronics, all while having fun along the way!

Scrappy Circuits features resources, step-by-step illustrated building instructions, project ideas, challenges, troubleshooting steps, jokes, and advice for teachers.

"For anyone who wants to teach the basics of electrical circuits, or learn about it themselves, the Scrappy Circuits system hits so many important points: It's cheap, the parts are easy to find, it's simple to put it together, and it's open-ended. Best of all, there's a community around it where you can find support and share your ideas.

Mike Carroll's book puts everything you need to know to get started with Scrappy Circuits into one convenient, well-designed guide that takes you through the process of building the component bricks and offers suggestions for turning them into awesome projects. Its friendly, non-technical tone makes it perfect for educators as well as a great read for kids and teens. A great addition for any maker library!" -- Kathy Ceceri, author of Make: Paper Inventions and Making Simple Robots