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Program RGB LEDs and connect to your microcontroller!

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The SPLixel is an RGB LED Controller, and this starter bundle contains: The SPLixel Basic Controller, two SPLixel Strip-8 RGB LED strips and a five pack of SPLixel Single Breadboard Friendly RGB LEDs.

The SPLixel Basic is a serial to WS281x (WS2812 / WS2812B) LED driver. Running the WS281x style LEDs requires precise and fast timing. Achieving the required timing takes resources (memory, processor cycles, avoiding interrupts etc) from your microprocessor. Depending on your project, getting these timings right is nearly impossible since some high level microprocessors are more like little computers. Often busy doing other tasks that the user is unaware of.

The SPLixel Basic accepts TTL serial input at 57600 baud, and handles all of the timing required to run the LEDs. With the SPLixel Basic, you can address any individual LED, or use some of the many built in functions that address all of the LEDs. Fun animations included. Once the SPLixel Basic receives its command, your main processor is completely free to do ANYTHING else you want. The SPLixel Basic does all of the work running the LEDs. If you have chosen a continuous style function the SPLixel Basic will continue to run without any additional commands, until it is told to stop.

The SPLixel Basic can be used with almost anything that has a serial port; Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Basic Stamp, Beagle Board, even a FTDI cable connected to your computer. The SPLixel Basic signals are based on simple four byte packages (see below for a list of functions). Though not required, you can also download our Arduino SPLixel Basic library, to make development even easier.

What's in the Box

  • SPLixel Basic RGB Controller
  • SPLixel Strip-8 - RGB LED strips (quantity 2)
  • SPLIxel Singles (5 pack)
  • Extra male pin headers

Note: Some assembly required. The SPLixel Basic and SPLixel LEDs come pre-programmed and tested. For maximum flexibility, the screw terminals and headers do not come soldered in place. You may choose to; solder them on, solder directly to a LED strip, solder pin headers on for breadboard use, etc.

Product Documentation / User Guide

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