Basic Counter

Basic Counter
Basic Counter

Basic Counter


The Basic Counter is a simple and fun electronics kit that you can use to build a counter that can count up to 9999.


Count how many times your fridge opens, your dog barks, or your widget machine widgets with the Basic Counter!

The Basic Counter uses a switch (or sensor) as the input for counting. It will work with both normally open and normally closed switches. Some sensors that produce a full on or off when triggered can also be used.

The count is shown on a bright four digit seven segment display. The kit comes with a coin cell battery, so it can be installed in remote locations. To save battery power, the display goes to sleep after about 15 seconds, and every time the count is incremented the display lights up. There is also an onboard button to wake the display and show the current count. The wake button does not trigger another increment.

Optionally, there is a jumper to keep the display from going to sleep and also screw terminals to connect an external power source, such as a wall adapter for more permanent installations.

Practice your soldering and your counting at the same time with this simple kit!


Key Features

  • Easy to build kit
  • Connects to a variety of switches and buttons
  • Works with both normally open and normally closed
  • Wake from sleep mode with button
  • Optional input for external power (3 to 5 volts)
  • Optional input for no-sleep and reset count

What's in the Box

  • Basic Counter PCB and parts
  • CR2032 Battery

What You'll Need

  • Soldering iron and solder
  • Small flat screw driver
  • Any type of switch or button, or certain types of sensors
  • Note: This item requires soldering

Product Documentation / User Guide

Build instructions


Note: This item does not qualify for discounts and only ships to US addresses.