Make: Workshop Mastery with Jimmy DiResta - Print

Welcome to my workshop! I’m Jimmy DiResta and I’ve been making things my entire life, literally since I was old enough to stand in front of a saw.

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Perfect for the maker who has basic experience working with tools and doing simple builds, this book gets you right inside Jimmy's workshop and his head, showing you how Jimmy makes things — while inspiring you to make your own things your way.

You'll expand your knowledge of woodworking tools, get the basics of CNC routers, learn metal projects, understand the basics of styrene, see how to use leather, and finally — make and mod your own tools just like Jimmy does.

Projects Included

  • A freestanding tool cabinet perfect for organizing your smallest tools
  • A toolbox made out of a pallet
  • An Ibanez electric guitar modified to resemble a rifle
  • A band saw-cut sign with CNC-milled lettering
  • A machete made from a saw blade
  • A skull belt buckle made out of cast metal
  • A leather knife sheath and backpack
  • A lathe-turned mallet
  • The ice pick Jimmy sells at his store

Meet the Author

  1. Jimmy DiResta is an experienced television personality as an on-camera designer/builder host. Jimmy combines his charisma, his innate ability to solve problems with found objects, and a wide variety of tools and techniques, with sweat and brute force. He has appeared on the Discovery Channel, HGTV, DIY, and FX Networks as a host and co-host.

  2. John Baichtal has written or edited over a dozen books, including the award-winning Cult of Lego (2011 No Starch Press), LEGO hacker bible Make: LEGO and Arduino Projects (2012 Maker Media) with Adam Wolf and Matthew Beckler, Robot Builder (Que 2014) and Basic Robot Building with LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 (Que 2012), as well as Building Your Own Drones (forthcoming from Que). His most recent book is Maker Pro (Maker Media 2014), a collection of essays and interviews describing life as a professional maker. John lives in Minneapolis with his wife and three children.