Make: Easy 1+2+3 Projects - PDF

Have fun creating the 69 fully illustrated hands-on projects gathered here from the pages of Make: magazine.

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Rainy days, snow days, Saturdays, after school—solved! With the 69 fully illustrated hands-on projects in this book, kids and parents alike now have more fun, creative skill-builders available than ever before.

From the pages of Make: magazine, these projects are simple to complete and very kid-friendly. Perfect for the elementary and middle school-aged Maker, these toys, games, crafts, science, and electronics builds promote the essentials of STEM and STEAM learning while students have a great time creating items that they can really use.

Drawing mostly from ordinary home materials, this book frees the imagination and gets kids and parents started Making with projects that guarantee success and spark curiosity. 

Projects Included

  • Make plastic from milk
  • Craft safe bamboo swords
  • Build a paper airplane water bomber
  • Make a purse from plastic soda bottles
  • Build a cannon with party poppers
  • Create squishy electronic circuits with Play-Doh
  • Build a dizzy robot
  • Turn your smartphone into a projector
  • Bake the perfect cookie
  • Use your local coffee shop as a crafts center