Make: Fitness For Geeks - PDF

Make: Fitness For Geeks - PDF

Fitness For Geeks can help you reboot your system and learn the geeky side of fitness. Now you have no excuse!


If you're interested in how things work, Make: Fitness For Geeks will help you experiment with one crucial system you usually ignore your body and its health. Long hours focusing on code or circuits tends to stifle notions of nutrition, but with this educational and highly useful book you can approach fitness through science, whether it's investigating your ancestral health or using the latest self-tracking apps and gear.

Tune into components of your health through discussions on food, exercise, sleep, hormesis, and other issues as well as interviews with various scientists and athletes and discover healthy ways to tinker with your lifestyle.

  • Learn to live in the modern digital world and still be physically vibrant

  • Examine apps and widgets for self-tracking various fitness issues

  • Zero in on carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals

  • Find and choose food, and learn when to eat and when to fast

  • Reboot your system through movement in the outside world

  • Select from more than a dozen techniques for your gym workout

  • Fuel fitness by focusing on the science of nutrition and supplements

  • Apply lifestyle hacks, such as high-intensity exercise and good stress


  1. Bruce W. Perry

    Bruce W. Perry played college soccer in New York, then amidst a varied career in journalism and software engineering finished literally (ask his knees!) hundreds of road races and multisport events. He's since moved on to family life and recreational alpine hiking, skiing, and resistance training. He has also written two recent software books for O'Reilly Media. After an unguided youth, he now hangs out weightlifting in gyms again, and climbs with guides now, recently Piz Palu in the Swiss Alps, Mt. Whitney's Mountaineer's Route, and Mt. Rainier.

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  1. Chapter 1 Fitness and the Human Codebase: Reboot Your Operating System

    1. The Cubicle Blues

    2. Homing In on a Design Pattern

    3. Preinstalled Software

    4. Designed to Get Our Butts Kicked

    5. The Cranky Anthropologist

    6. Hey, the Stone Age Was a Nasty Time

    7. The Modern Diet—It's Lame!

    8. A Useful Template

    9. The Amazin' MET

    10. Force Quit—Reboot

    11. And Now for Something Completely Different

  2. Chapter 2 Fitness Tools and Apps

    1. Quantified Self

    2. Sports and Fitness Tracking

    3. Personal Metrics

    4. Gear ≠ Health

    5. Fitbit Tracker

    6. Endomondo

    7. Fitocracy

    8. Garmin Connect

    9. NutritionData

    10. FitDay

    11. The USDA National Nutrient Database

    12. Pointy-Headed Searches

    13. Connected Devices

  3. Chapter 3 Food Chemistry Basics: Proteins, Fats, and Carbs

    1. Empower Yourself

    2. Macronutrient Ratios

    3. Carbohydrates

    4. Protein

    5. Fats

    6. Ketones

  4. Chapter 4 Micronutrients: Vitamins, Minerals, and Phytochemicals

    1. The Nutrient That Roared

    2. Apples vs. Twinkies

    3. It's a Snap to Keep Yourself Topped Up

    4. What's Ahead?

    5. What Are Micronutrients?

    6. Figuring Out Your Daily Micronutrient Requirements

    7. Aim for Farms and Markets

    8. Cooking Alters Micronutrient Content

    9. Grade School Nurse Fondly Recalled

    10. Vitamins

    11. Minerals

    12. Getting Micronutrient Information Online: Web Tools

  5. Chapter 5 Food Hacks: Finding and Choosing Food

    1. Eat Local: Leave the Big Boxes for the Extras

    2. Choosing Food in the Meat Space: Navigating the Modern Supermarket's Shoals

    3. Choosing Food in the Digital Space with Apps

    4. Hacks for Finding Good Food on the Road

    5. Code Crash: Choosing Food in Hard Times

  6. Chapter 6 Food Timing: When to Eat, When to Fast

    1. Intermittent Fasting

    2. Variations: 19/5 and モEat Stop Eatヤ

    3. The Basics of Intermittent Fasting: Getting Started

    4. Eating in Blocks or Windows

    5. Don't Be a Hungry Vampire

    6. Apps for Fasters

  7. Chapter 7 The Other World: A.K.A. Outside

    1. The Sun Is Our Friend

    2. Exercising Outside

    3. Body-Weight Exercises

    4. Outdoor Cross-Training Routines

    5. Airport Fitness Hacks

  8. Chapter 8 Hello, Gym! Finding Your Way Around the Fitness Facility

    1. Now What?

    2. Lifting Is a Good Focus

    3. Negative Weightlifting Biases: Get Over Them

    4. A Few Jock and Physiology Terms, as Promised

    5. Top 40 HIT: High-Intensity Training

    6. Resistance-Training Terms

    7. What's Your Plan? How Many Sets and Reps

    8. Grand Entry, Time to Warm Up

    9. The Bench Press

    10. The Military Press

    11. The Deadlift

    12. The Leg Press

    13. The Back Squat

    14. Dumbbells

    15. Bicep Curls and Hammer Curls

    16. Leg Extensions and Cable Pulldowns

    17. Instructional Video Sources

    18. Using an App, or Not, to Record Sets

  9. Chapter 9 Randomizing Fitness and the Importance of R & R

    1. Shock the Monkey

    2. Shake It Up in the Morning

    3. I'm Only Sleeping

    4. RESTful Programmers

    5. Randomize It

    6. Rest and Taper

    7. The All-Important Zees

    8. Meditation Tools

  10. Chapter 10 Code Maintenance: Human Fueling and Supplements

    1. Fueling Fitness

    2. Maintaining a Reasonable Protein Intake

    3. Make Sure the Tank Is Full

    4. Water and Hydration

    5. Micronutrient Replenishment

  11. Chapter 11 Lifestyle Hacks for Fitness

    1. Hormesis

    2. Sports Massage

    3. Conclusion