Make: Magazine, Volume 44 - PDF

Make: Magazine, Volume 44 - PDF

From fun DIY projects to functional arial platforms with world-class photographic capability, drones have swept in for a total takeover of Volume 44.


In Make: Volume 44, we'll take your love of drones to the next level! These days drones are buzzing, not only in the skies, but throughout the maker community! Makers’ love affair with drones is easy to understand: it has all the trademarks of the maker movement.


From open source hardware, robotics (like sensors), cameras, to innovative applications to solve real-world problems, drones are fun and functional. Here, the editors dive into the red-hot world of quadcopters, with drone builds and inspired aerial activities. Destined to be a $1B market by 2018, according to The Economist, in 2015 there will be over 100 different types and models of drones.


This issue shows makers everything they need to know, from how to scratch-build four different multicopters to learning how to set up a first-person interview (FPV) race course and take part in high-speed acrobatics. This second issue of Make: on drones also features all the projects, tutorials and skill-builders that will keep makers of all levels immersed in the fascinating subject and latest drone technology.



    In the Fun With Drones Issue: ■ Build the maker hangar R/C tricopter ■ 3D print a quadcopter ■ How to waterproof your drone ■ Setting up an FPV drone race ■ Pilot’s checklist


    Plus More Projects! ■ DIY carbon fiber acoustic guitar ■ Singing plasma-arc speaker ■ 3D printable electric motor ■ Easy infinity mirror ■ Clone a fig tree Raspberry Pi super security camera


    DIY Injection Molding Machine
    Tried, true, and totally doable. Start cranking out solid thermoplastic parts with this home-built rig, upgraded from DIY author Vincent R. Gingery’s book Secrets of Building a Plastic Injection Molding...
    By Jim Hannon

    DIY Rotocaster
    Rotocasting is how the pros make hollow plastic parts — and it’s easy to do at home. Build this DIY rotocaster to slowly spin the mold while your resin cures....
    By Matt Stultz

    Solder a “Draailampje” Mini Flip Light
    "Flip lights" — turn them upside down, and they’re off. Turn them back up, and they’re on. Here's an easy soldering project that's really fun to use. New from Make:...
    By David Bakker

    Induction Instruction
    Generate enough power to light an LED through the magic of inductive charging.
    By Charles Platt

    Magic Cat Projector
    Make this fun mini projector just in time for Halloween. It throws a shadow image of a black cat — which then disappears, leaving only his spooky grin!
    By Bob Knetzger

    Glowing, Dancing Oobleck
    Oobleck is a delightful non-Newtonian fluid that exists as a liquid under low-stress situations, but becomes more viscous when agitated or vibrated. Named after a fictional green precipitation in a...

    Soda Bottle Rocket LED Fireworks
    Fireworks originated in ancient China and have been making people look to the night sky with delight ever since. Firework formulas are closely guarded secrets handed down from generation to...
    By Paul Gentile (The Hobby Guy)

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