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Learn how to build your own Star Wars-inspired BB-8 bot in this latest issue! Then, learn about connected cars and pick up DIY tricks to hotrod your wheels!

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Move over R2D2!

BB-8, the adorable new Star Wars droid, stole the show when it rolled on stage at this year’s Star Wars Celebration. In Make: Vol. 46 we show you how three Makers approached building their very own working BB-8 bots, and how you can build one, too!

Then, look at ways to trick out your favorite vehicle in this issue’s special section. From detailing electric car and bicycle builds to customizing your connected car dashboard to clever bicycle hacks for riders on the go, there’s nothing as DIY as hot-rodding your wheels.

Plus, get these full how-tos: 

  • Build a million-color flashlight using NeoPixel LEDs,
  • 3D-print a sweet R/C race car,
  • Craft a surprisingly realistic rose out of duct tape and much more!

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