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Our 5th annual Desktop 3D Fabrication Shoot Out!

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Desktop Fabrication Guide 2017
Our 5th annual Desktop 3D Fabrication Shoot Out! More than 30 reviews show off the latest and greatest FDM and resin 3D printers, CNC machines, and a few extra surprises. Once you've picked out your favorite machines, learn how to 3D print on fabrics for unique fashions, get the latest hacks and mods for your digital fabrication tools, and delve into g-code, the language that drives all of these incredible machines. Plus, more than 18 projects!

Projects Included

• 3D-print parts for a zippy motorized personal unicycle to tear up the streets
• Build a leaf blower-powered Whiffle ball launcher for batting practice or to entertain your four-legged friends
• Crochet adorable resistor components

And much more. . .