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Make: Paper Circuits Kit

Designed from the ground up to be engaging for kids of all ages, this kit fits right at home at a kitchen table, workshop, or classroom!

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Why mess with wires when you can just use conductive tape. 

Designed from the ground up to be engaging for kids of all ages, this kit fits right at home at a kitchen table, workshop, or classroom. Create your own projects from scratch or use one of our many free Paper Craft projects and build guides.

Featuring Maker Tape Conductive Nylon Tape!

Maker Tape's nylon fibers combined with conductive materials result in an amazingly strong and highly conductive tape that won't leave a mess on your next project. Maker Tape turns any surface into your next circuitry project. Use it on walls or windows, cardboard and fabric to design your own Paper Craft creation.

Unlike other conductive tape options Maker Tape is specially designed to be Z Axis Conductive for much easier project creation. Just overlap two pieces of Maker Tape to create a solid electrical connection. Just tape down the component for a simple connection. No mess, hassle, or special tools needed. 


  • 30 Jumbo LEDs (Red, Blue, Green, White, and Color Changing RGB)
  • 10 Coin Cell Batteries
  • 1 Roll of Maker Tape (1/4th inch at 16 feet long)
  • 10 Binder Clips

These kits are intended for makers ages 8 and up due to the small parts and dexterity concerns. Coin cell batteries of any type can be extremely dangerous if swallowed and caution is always recommended. All projects are powered at 3V and have no danger of shocking or harming users.