Make: Ultimate Kit Guide - PDF

Over 175 of the top kits of all kinds, rated on quality, instructions, community, and more!

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At MAKE we're crazy about kits. They're fun, inspiring, and they are great gifts for any maker.

In this special Make: Ultimate Kit Guide , we've searched out over 175 of the top kits of all kinds and rated them on quality, instructions, community, and more. Find a kit worth making this season; some of which you never knew existed!

Find the top rated kits for Robots, Rockets, Food, Electronics, Home, Tools, Arduino, Toys, Crafts, R/C, Outdoors, Siege Weapons, and much more.

In MAKE Ultimate Kit Guide 2012, you'll also find:

» The Rally Fighter, the radical DIY car you build at the micro-factory
» How kits drive innovation; from steam engines to computers to 3D printing and microcontrollers
» Exclusive interviews from industry pioneers
» DIY Drones — autonomous plane and copter kits
» Classic Heathkits and Erector Sets
» The most dangerous kits and much more!