Make: magazine, Volume 02 (PDF)

Make: magazine, Volume 02 (PDF)

Build a high definition video recorder, make a robot from an old computer mouse, and more!


Downloadable PDF of Make: magazine, Volume 02 (PDF) the first magazine devoted to digital projects, hardware hacks, and D.I.Y. inspiration. Make Volume 02 includes building your own high definition video recorder, how to podcast, making a robot from an old computer mouse, reconditioning an old amplifier.

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Table of Contents

Welcome by Mark Frauenfelder in Welcome
When users make: Editor-in-Chief Mark Frauenfelder on innovation and the entertainment industry's efforts to squelch it. Page 7

Focus by Merlin Mann, Danny O'Brien in Life Hacks
Boost your productivity by embracing procrastination. Or, why your web browser needs a hypothalamus. Page 10

News from the Future by Tim O'Reilly in News from the Future
Tim O'Reilly reports on the labs, companies, and garage projects changing the way we live. Page 13

Made on Earth by Xeni Jardin, Jason Kottke, Bob Parks, Paul Spinrad in Made on Earth
Reports from the world of backyard technology, including a cockroach-controlled robot, high altitude glider, student-built cyclotron, Vee 9 solar vehicle, robotic CD burner, coffee mug ramjet, and more. Page 14

Ooz and Oz by Dale Dougherty in Maker
Hacking robot toys is all in a day's work for Natalie Jeremijenko. Dale Dougherty trails the UCSD professor for a day of fun at the races, transforming toy robotic dogs into environmental avengers. Page 22

Nicaraguan Know-How by Tim Anderson in Heirloom Technology
Revisiting, revamping, and reusing forgotten technology. Tim Anderson describes the homemade solutions he saw on a recent trip to Nicaragua: hand-pedaled bicycles, reused school buses, horse-drawn carriages, sock coffee filters, and ancient cooling systems and water filters abound. Page 30

Blockheads by Bob Parks
Lego: the ultimate prototyping material. Seriously. Page 36

Maker Fair by Arwen O'Reilly Griffith
Geeks gather together for an evening of DIY fun in our first-ever mini MAKE Fest at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology conference in 2005. Page 38 

Google DIY Patterns by Dale Dougherty
A DIY project is a design challenge that can best be described as a set of patterns, just as Google remade the web with a new kind of language for getting what we want from a web browser. Page 39

Recycled Rubber by Saul Griffith
It's more fun to make a laptop bag from an old wetsuit than it is to buy a new one. Page 40

The Code Da Vinci Lived By by Bruce Sterling in Hands On
Renaissance hacks by the father of all geeks. Page 43

HDTV on Your Mac by Erica Sadun
Build a simple high-definition video recorder and beat the Broadcast Flag. All you need is a $10 antenna, a $175 decoder card, and some free software. Page 45

Retro Game Heaven: The Atari 2600 PC by Joe Grand
After fitting a full-featured wireless PC system into an old Atari 2600 case, you can watch movies, surf the web, and play hundreds of retro games. Page 50

Tools for Atari 2600 Homebrew Games by Simon Carless
Even though the Atari 2600 is one of the oldest game consoles around, it has a vibrant homebrew scene. Page 85

Podcasting 101 by Phillip Torrone
Produce and syndicate audio interviews you record online, on the phone, and on the road. Page 86

Mousey the Junkbot by Gareth Branwyn
With a few spare parts, you can turn an old computer mouse into an amusing robot. Page 96

Resurrecting This Old Amp by Tom Anderson, Wendell Anderson
Restore an old guitar amplifier and make it sounds as good or better than the day it was made. Page 110

Let's Rumble by Craig Engler in DIY: Home Entertainment
Hack your couch to give you a kick in the pants: attach bass shakers to your furniture to round out your home entertainment system. Page 119

irock Broadcast Boombox by Tom Anderson in DIY: Home Entertainment
Pump up the volume with a portable FM radio station. Page 122

Surround Sound, Quick and Dirty by Michael McDonald in DIY: Home Entertainment
A simple wiring trick derives center channels. Page 125

Thermofooler by Ross Orr in DIY: Home Entertainment
Who needs a "smart" thermostat when you can trick your dumb one into lowering your heating bill? Page 126

DVD, Uncrippled by Phillip Torrone in DIY: Home Entertainment
Input a special code to disable Macrovision and play DVDs from around the world. Page 127

Stop Motion Animation, the Easy Way by Phillip Torrone in DIY: Imaging
With iStopMotion, making Gumby is less pokey. Page 129

Single-Use Digicam for Kite Aerial Photography by Limor Fried in DIY: Imaging
A simple, lightweight timer circuit triggers a shot every minute. Page 130

Webcam Telescope by Dennison Bertram in DIY: Imaging
Video from still camera zoom. Forget jerky teleconferences; put a real lens on a 90s era webcam and you've got something. Page 133

Mod Your Pod by Phillip Torrone in DIY: Mobile
Enhance your iPod with a Linux upgrade. Page 135

Outfitting a Palm Tungsten T3 by Bob Scott in DIY: Mobile

Getting laptop-like functionality from a PDA. In fact, leave your laptop at home: use a T3, loaded to the gills with powerful applications. Page 138

All-Seeing Orb by Phillip Torrone in DIY: Mobile
Your mobile device can play video and music stored on your home computer. Page 140

Peace and Quiet with the Flip of a Switch by Joe Grand in DIY: Computers
How to add a power switch to an external drive without one! Page 141

No More Cue Cards by Brian Lawler in DIY: Computers
Make a teleprompter with a laptop, a sheet of glass, and some scrap wood. Page 144

Robot Kits and Techno Glitz by Arwen O'Reilly Griffith
Three kits that got me started in the glamorous and fulfilling world of robotics. Page 145

Mechanical Wristwatch Modding by Bob Scott in DIY: Design
Customizing a self-winding Seiko. Page 147

Hacking the C64 DTV by Mark R. Brown in DIY: Gaming
Retro-gaming joystick easily converts into full Commodore computer emulator. Page 149

Game Boy Hacks by Phillip Torrone in DIY: Gaming
Games, music, movies, photos, and eBooks, all on this versatile little device. Page 153

Refreshing an Old Game Controller by Ben Wheeler in DIY: Gaming
If your retro-gaming skills ain't what they used to be, fix your joystick buttons. Page 154

Get an iLIFE! for Your Playstation Portable by Phillip Torrone in DIY: Gaming
Play music and vids on a PSP (even Mac users). Page 156

R2-DIY by Howard Wen
The galaxy's most lovable robot inspires its fans to clone him. Page 160

Printed Circuit Boards by Andrew Argyle in Primer
Step-by-step instructions for making your own PCBs at home. Page 164

HowToons by Joost Bonsen, Nick Dragotta, Saul Griffith in Howtoons
Make a marshmallow shooter. Page 172

Toolbox by Adam Bernard, Gareth Branwyn, Richard Butner, John Clark, Joshua Ellis, Eeyore Evans, John Irvine, Stefan Jones, Adam Kempa, Merlin Mann, Aleks Oniszczak, Zach Slootsky, Adam Thornton, Marc Weidenbaum in Toolbox
The best tools, software, gadgets, books, magazines, and websites. Page 174

Reader Input in Reader Input
Where makers offer praise, brickbats, and swell ideas. Page 184

The Laptop That Wouldn't Say Die by Tom Owad in Retrocomputing
Twenty-two years later, people still love the TRS-80 Model 100. Page 186

The Last Generation of Engineers by Cory Doctorow in Make Free
Why digital rights management kills innovation. Page 187

MakeShift by William Lidwell in MakeShift
It's easy to forget that access to potable water is considered a luxury for much of the world. Page 188

Maker Challenge in Maker Challenge
Solving proglems, fulfilling wishes. Page 190

eBay Metrics by Chris Smith in eBay Metrics
Good as gold. Page 191

My Atari 2600 Portable by Benjamin J. Heckendorn in Homebrew
Page 192