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Makey Klaus LED Ornament

Make a simple circuit using conductive tape and LEDs to light up this fun and unique project!

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Glows in the Dark and Lights Up Maker Holidays!
Features a 2-layer, 3D printed robot character. The LED also charges the special glow in the dark filament layer when active, and then you can go from LED to GLOW with a flick of the switch!

Included instructions show you how to easily align your LED chip along the component pegs using the conductive tape and battery holder to make your circuits complete!

This kit includes:
  • 1x Glow-in-the-Dark 3D Printed Makey Klaus Ornament
  • 1x SMT RGB LED
  • 1x 3v Coincell Battery & Holder
  • 1x Conductive e-Tape Strip
  • 1x Ornament Hanging Set
  • No tools required other than scissors
  • Each badge is around 3.5" x 3.25" 

    This kit is also educational and teaches simple circuits through the wirings of your LEDs. Most of the parts can be re-purposed for other projects too, the battery holder & LEDs are awesome for cosplay or creating other glowing wearables.

    Please Note: Small parts, choking hazard. Coloring is for all ages, but we recommend ages 8+ for the electronics, your child's skill levels may vary, we encourage parental supervision and participation!

    SMT = Surface Mount Technology (they are really small)

    RGB = Red / Green / Blue (cycles through colors)