Bluebird Microcontroller v1.6 + Power Shield Pack

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Introducing Teknikio's first circuit board that can be programmed wirelessly! 
What's on Bluebird?
  • Wireless Microcontroller
  • Four Input/Output Pads and 10 breakout pins
  • Light Sensor
  • Accelerometer 
  • Neopixel LED
  • Speaker
  • Includes the Power Shield 1.2, USB to Micro Cable and bonus connectors!
  • Computer and Internet required for programming
  • For online tools and resources go to: tekniverse.teknikio.com
  • Note this is Bluebird v1.6, and Power Shield 1.2 (current)


How do you program Bluebird?

Follow this set of guides to get started with Bluebird:

On a Web Browser, you can use Bluebird with Tekniverse Tools

You can program Bluebirds through an iPad or Mac with Tekniverse Apps.

You can also use Arduino IDE when you add the Teknikio library.