Make: Ultimate Arduino Kit

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If you want to seriously learn about microcontrollers, this is a smart purchase!

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The Ultimate Arduino Microcontroller Kit includes almost everything you need to dive right into the world of microcontrollers.

The 100+ components allow you to complete nearly any online tutorial without having to source individual parts. Everyone from beginners to advanced users will appreciate all that the Ultimate Arduino Microcontroller Pack has to offer. This really is the ultimate parts assortment!

What's in the Box (click for PDF)

  • Arduino Uno R3
  • USB A/B Cable
  • MakerShield (Prototyping shield)
  • Micro servo (x2) 
  • Mini DC motor 
  • Vibration motor 
  • Force-sensitive resistor (x2) 
  • Tilt sensor (x2) 
  • Photo resistor (x2) 
  • Thermistor (x2) 
  • 8-Ohm speaker with leads 
  • Piezo buzzer 
  • LCD screen 16x2 
  • Green and red LEDs (x5) 
  • RGB LEDS (x3) 
  • 330-Ohm resistor (x10) 
  • 1K-Ohm resistor (x10) 
  • 10K-Ohm resistor (x10) 
  • 10nF ceramic capacitor (x10) 
  • 100nF ceramic capacitor (x10) 
  • 100uF electrolytic capacitor (x5) 
  • 10K rotary potentiometer 
  • NPN transistor 
  • Mini pushbutton (x5) 
  • DPDT switch (x3)
  • Deluxe jumper wire pack 
  • 1/2 size clear breadboard (*used to be full size)
  • Mini breadboard 
  • Protoboard (x2) 
  • 9V battery holder 
  • Heat shrink tubing 
  • 8-pin female header (x3) 
  • 6-pin stackable female header 
  • 40-pin male breakaway header (x2) 
  • 40-pin male breakaway dual-header 
  • Diode, 1N4004 
  • Parts storage case 

Please note- not the retail boxed version, but bagged with all parts are included, except as noted*

  • Recommended Ages 10+
  • Small parts - Choking Hazard

Product Documentation / User Guide

  • Caleb Kraft Make: Unboxing Video
  • Arduino Tutorials
  • Learn how to build the MakerShield
  • MAKE video: Intro to the Arduino
  • Makezine Article & Project Ideas