Voice Shield Kit for Arduino

Voice Shield Kit for Arduino
Voice Shield Kit for Arduino
Voice Shield Kit for Arduino

Voice Shield Kit for Arduino


Play audio sound bytes with this analog audio shield for the Arduino and compatible boards.


The Voice Shield is an analog audio shield for the Arduino or Arduino compatible boards that allows you to play audio sound bytes. It could be used in many different Arduino projects, such as; a talking clock, DIY Arduino talking GPS, robots, alarms, motion based sound effects etc ...

All VoiceShield products come pre-loaded with the audio that is used in the example sketches on the VoiceShield's Web Page. You can also replace it with your own audio using the VSProgrammer.

The VS is designed to work with a standard Arduino as a plug-on shield. Though, you could use it with any Arduino but you'd have to wire it manually.
It has a stackable design, meaning that if you have other plug-on shields they can be stacked on top of the VS. (Make sure that they are not using the same pins! The VS uses digital pins 2,3,4 and 5 of the Arduino.)

The ISD runs at 3 volts but the Arduino uses 5 volts, to interface the two the VS has an on board 3 volt regulator with filtering capacitors, and level shifting circuitry to safely connect both devices.
There are two forms of audio output possible with the VS. One, is a simple on board audio AMP and speaker connectors with space for a 15mm speaker (a bigger speaker may be used but it won�t fit onto the VS PCB). It seems that the bigger the speaker the better the VS sounds. The second is a none amplified line out that is available though a 3.5mm stereo jack (though the VS is MONO), which you can connect to powered speakers or your sound system for really big sound! If the line out is plugged into the VS, the on board speaker and amp are automatically disconnected.


Product Documentation / User Guide

Voice Shield Info Page

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